3 tips on how to get motivated

With everyone, there comes a time where we start to see our gym sessions as a chore, we then skip workouts, progress slows and we feel pretty depressed about it all and go back to a few bad habits, we then feel really guilty and instead of getting back on the horse we sit and wonder why we stopped regretfully. – I for one am definitely that person, things come up an I am distracted from it all, and all the well earned progress stops. 

So how do we get motivated? 

One goal – It’s probably the most common mistake that people make: they try to take on too much, try to accomplish too many goals at once. You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do two or more goals at once.

Find inspiration – I personally find pictures of my ideal body and this helps me a lot, for some though this can be quite depressing or not very motivational. so find which works for you, there are many ways such as: quotes, pictures, success stories, blogs, and articles to help you stay focused.

Post your goal – writing your goal up in places where you will see it often can have a massive impact on your motivation by reminding you why you started etc. create lots of small cards with the goal on it and put them around the house, so when your feeling a little de-motivated you can see why you wanted to change.



Diet saboteurs

dgOne of many peoples set backs with diets, are the people who they hang around or live with, which can be very frustrating because it seems once you’ve made the healthy decision to change they encourage you to ruin your diet. But why do they do it?

One of the main excuses I hear from friends or family is: ‘you’ll waste away if you don’t stop’ or even ‘your too skinny’ as frustrating as it is I ignore it, but at time it can be upsetting as me and many others feel like they are not supported. however if they actually asked about my goals and why I have set them, they would realise that it would improve my health and performance massively.

Main excuses used by these saboteurs:

  1. Acting insulted. (I’ve have herd this many times before) things such as  “so you don’t like how I cook?”
  2. Making up special holiday rules. “It’s your birthday, one piece of cake won’t hurt!”
  3. Imparting discouraging news. “I am so proud of you for trying this, even though you know that 95% of people fail to keep the weight off.
  4. Making you an outsider. “You can’t eat Mexican because of your diet, so we will see you after we go out.”
  5. Leaving food around. The big candy dish on the receptionist’s desk in an office of dieters.
  6. And lastly the one I hate the most: food waste. I now only eat until I’m full, however most of the time that means there’s is some left over, so they will give you the guilt trip about how you’re wasting food and how much effort they put in it to make it.

– Don’t let people ruin what you’ve got, you started for a reason.

How to spice up your gym session

Before you get to the point where you’re rapidly losing motivation for your gym workouts, or making less effort while you’re there and only attempting half-hearted exercises, try spice up your workout with these practical tips:

  1. Buddy up – If you work out alone then take a friend along or a like-minded acquaintance who you’re happy to get to know. Not only will it add a social edge but you’ll feel responsible for keeping up your gym sessions if they are relying on you being there. Also, while people like to focus, there’s nothing stopping you connecting with other people at the gym too.
  2. Give your sessions a soundtrack –  plug in your iPod with a set gym playlist you don’t have to fiddle around picking music that will motivate you, when my gym tracks are on tasks become more interesting and I find I can work for longer and generally just get lost in my own world. Make sure you’re not totally oblivious to what’s around you though as accidents can happen. 
  3. Don’t just wait around – Sometimes between using weight equipment you take time before moving onto the next challenge. Often, a busy gym means you have to wait your turn anyway. It’s in these moments though that you can feel your interest flagging. Try doing some different exercises during these in-between times, such as using the dumbbells.
  4. Keep fit in other ways – What else are you doing apart from going to the gym? You might want to keep you circuits as your main focus but are you active the rest of the time? What outdoor pursuits do you do? When’s the last time you tried out a different class, form of exercise or activity? Many athletes use gym time as an add-on, rather than as their whole fitness package.
  5. Are you working out hard enough? – Of course you don’t want to overdo it but if you’re really getting stuck in and working up a sweat do you really have time to think about being bored, let alone feel it. It’s too easy to go through the motions at the gym without really progressing. Put some power into your workout and you’ll find that boredom doesn’tImage even factor. Instead you’ll feel exhilarated and ready to seize the day.


With every task there will come a time where motivation levels run low, taking fitness goals for instance: everyone wants the end result but nobody really wants to make the effort to change, Lets say you want to lose a stone in weight.

  • You know what to do, the actions to take and at first you do very well.
  • You eat the right foods, take a little exercise.
  • But gradually your fuel runs out.
  • Progress slows.
  • The weight loss is minimal.

And you stop, wishing you’d never started.

So why did you lose your motivation?

  • Because you didn’t have enough in the first place?
  • Because your goal was unrealistic?
  • Could you have remained motivated if you had set an achievable goal?

Why do you lose your motivation?

    • Because you aren’t sure enough that you want to do this?
    • Because you begin to believe the ‘doom and gloom’ merchants?
    • Because this is something very new and a bit scary for you?
  • How can you find it?

    1. Whatever it is you want to achieve, be very sure about it.
    2. Set an achievable, realistic goal.
    3. Prepare as well as you can.
    4. Find support from positive people.
    5. Do your research.
    6. Be prepared to ask for help if you’re stuck.
    7. Set-backs are not fatal, you can come back stronger and more determined
    8. Go slowly. There’s no instant success.
    9. Remind yourself of why you started in the first place
    10. Set your self up for success.