Diet saboteurs

dgOne of many peoples set backs with diets, are the people who they hang around or live with, which can be very frustrating because it seems once you’ve made the healthy decision to change they encourage you to ruin your diet. But why do they do it?

One of the main excuses I hear from friends or family is: ‘you’ll waste away if you don’t stop’ or even ‘your too skinny’ as frustrating as it is I ignore it, but at time it can be upsetting as me and many others feel like they are not supported. however if they actually asked about my goals and why I have set them, they would realise that it would improve my health and performance massively.

Main excuses used by these saboteurs:

  1. Acting insulted. (I’ve have herd this many times before) things such as  “so you don’t like how I cook?”
  2. Making up special holiday rules. “It’s your birthday, one piece of cake won’t hurt!”
  3. Imparting discouraging news. “I am so proud of you for trying this, even though you know that 95% of people fail to keep the weight off.
  4. Making you an outsider. “You can’t eat Mexican because of your diet, so we will see you after we go out.”
  5. Leaving food around. The big candy dish on the receptionist’s desk in an office of dieters.
  6. And lastly the one I hate the most: food waste. I now only eat until I’m full, however most of the time that means there’s is some left over, so they will give you the guilt trip about how you’re wasting food and how much effort they put in it to make it.

– Don’t let people ruin what you’ve got, you started for a reason.


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