With every task there will come a time where motivation levels run low, taking fitness goals for instance: everyone wants the end result but nobody really wants to make the effort to change, Lets say you want to lose a stone in weight.

  • You know what to do, the actions to take and at first you do very well.
  • You eat the right foods, take a little exercise.
  • But gradually your fuel runs out.
  • Progress slows.
  • The weight loss is minimal.

And you stop, wishing you’d never started.

So why did you lose your motivation?

  • Because you didn’t have enough in the first place?
  • Because your goal was unrealistic?
  • Could you have remained motivated if you had set an achievable goal?

Why do you lose your motivation?

    • Because you aren’t sure enough that you want to do this?
    • Because you begin to believe the ‘doom and gloom’ merchants?
    • Because this is something very new and a bit scary for you?
  • How can you find it?

    1. Whatever it is you want to achieve, be very sure about it.
    2. Set an achievable, realistic goal.
    3. Prepare as well as you can.
    4. Find support from positive people.
    5. Do your research.
    6. Be prepared to ask for help if you’re stuck.
    7. Set-backs are not fatal, you can come back stronger and more determined
    8. Go slowly. There’s no instant success.
    9. Remind yourself of why you started in the first place
    10. Set your self up for success.

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