I-heart-waterSo I’ve started a new plan and set out some new goals which I really want to achieve this summer, after not having been in the gym for nearly a month and a half, I’m literally so excited to start this programme card and try and pick up some new habits on the way.

My bad habit list could go on, but I think I want to start on the ones I think are most important for my health.

Habit no.1: drink more water – a lot of people mistake how important water is, even mildly dehydrated may include light-headiness, dizziness, irritability and headaches – (which I get a lot) also a lot of the time we think we are hungry when we are in fact just dehydrated- which could be another cause for weight gain.

Habit no.2: sleep: Again I and probably a lot of people do not realise the importance of sleep. if sleep deprived,meaning you are not getting enough minutes of sleep or good quality sleep, your metabolism will not function properly, alertness is decreased, you will find it hard to focus, feel unmotivated and it can bring on headaches.

Habit no.3: posture: After having a postural assessment I can clearly see how much I slouch, which has explained a lot of aches and pains and where muscles may be weaker than others – This is one I really want to improve and I know a lot of people find it hard to keep up or are even unaware of this habit unless pointed out.


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