How to reduce stress

1. Count your breath. Taking deep breaths and lengthening your  exhale relative to your inhale will calm your sympathetic nervous system, which  is responsible for triggering your fight or flight response.

2. Sing it out. If sitting quietly and counting your  breaths sounds impossible or unappealing, you can sing or hum to achieve a  similar effect. When you sing or hum, you are naturally lengthening your exhale,  which will slow your breathing and help calm you.

3. Drink more water. When your hydration level drops by even 2%, your ability to do simple math and make decisions is disrupted.
4. Do a body scan. Redirecting your focus away from your  worries and toward your physical body for a minute or two can help alleviate  stress.
5. Laugh out loud. In a stressful situation, you are emotionally engaged with some problem, when you laugh at a situation, you are distanced from the problem.


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